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Only Carbonite For My Photos

A Budding Photo Journalist

Fresh out of college, I decided to try my luck in the big city and apply as a photo journalist in broad sheets or magazines. I graduated with a degree in photography and I was very excited to get to the heart of the action.

Through the years I have taken lots of photos of people and landscapes. My professors in the university were very impressed with my work. They all  reminded me to secure my photos as I could display them in an exhibit one day. I made backup copies of all my photos and kept it in several USBs and external storage devices. Unfortunately, the bag where I had kept all my gadgets mysteriously disappeared. Even though I still had the files in my laptop, I was shaken by the thought that were lost. Easily, my hard work and creativity were thrown out of the window. I just prayed that some one would not claim my creative and original photos.

Getting A Reliable Online Backup Service

Before making the move to the city I decided to get an online backup service plan to protect and secure all my files. I had been hearing that Carbonite was one of the leading online backup service providers so I decided to put my money with a highly reputable company. I availed of the Home Plus Plan where my yearly payment would provide me utmost service. My Home Plus Plan included automatic online backup of my computer and external hard drive. I could easily access all my photos anywhere and anytime. It was something I needed to protect all my photos.

Discount From Carbonite

Considering all the perks I got from my plan, I was surprised with the discount that I got from a promo code at Everything was so easy. Finally, all my photos would be safe.

A Great Investment

Carbonite is definitely an investment for my future. I made the right choice in to secure all my photos and files with the leading online backup service provider.